Gabion Application
Gabion Retaining Wall

Gabion retaining wall is formed with gabion baskets and it plays a positive role in earth retaining, mud-rock flow prevention, slope stabilization, landslide treatment, and soil erosion control, etc.

Gabion retaining walls are regarded as a flexible and free drainage system, which can effectively resist the disturbing forces. During the building of gabion retaining walls, in order to achieve the effect of stability and an aesthetic appearance, it is suggested that the walls should be inclined from the vertical plane by 6 or 10 degrees. The gabion retaining walls¡¯ flexibility degree can be determined by the quality of the filling materials, the type of fill, wire diameter of the mesh, and the mesh type. For example, the more angular the filling materials are, the greater care in filling and the heavier the wire diameter of the mesh. Therefore, the requirements on the quality of installation will be higher, thus leading to a more dimensionally stable structure.

Technical Note of Gabion Retaining Walls:
Mesh Size: 60*80,80*100,100*120,120*150and so on.
Wire Diameter: 2.0-4.0mm
Surface Treatment: hot-dipped galvanizing, galvanizing, Galfan, and PVC coating, etc.

Gabion retaining wall, which is finally designed with the hexagonal wire mesh through the process of double twisting, can be filled with appropriate rocks or stone materials. The hexagonal wire netting is mainly made from high-quality low carbon steel wire. High grade materials produce gabion retaining walls of superior quality. For persistency of the structure, you have to pay close attention to the choice of stone materials. The stones must be able to resist various severe conditions, such as climatic change and natural damage, etc. The unique design of double bunched structure makes the gabion retaining walls more durable. What¡¯s more, aluminizing and galvanizing can protect the wire mesh from oxidization.